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Your business runs on talent. Clients do business with you because of your people and how they apply their knowledge, skills, abilities and passion to solve critical business challenges.

Your ability to hire, retain and deploy people is what sets you apart. Putting the right talent in the right place at the right cost is your competitive advantage. Simple enough, right? Not quite. Tight labor markets, a technology-driven workplace and workforce disruptions make it harder than ever to run a people-driven business. Your most valuable assets are human beings who are feeling more pressure than ever to adapt and perform. You may not have enough of them, and you may wonder whether they have the capabilities to succeed. Your employees may have become increasingly fickle because they’re coveted by your competitors and can leave at a moment’s notice.

As if this weren’t enough, you need to grow your business to succeed. No matter whether you grow organically or through acquisitions and partnerships, your success will again depend on people. Who will have what it takes to succeed? How can you help people develop? Who do you want on your team and in which roles? Leaders often make these decisions based on instinct, but you need to do more than guess. Managing your workforce is both an art and a data-driven science. And Korn Ferry is here to help.

We know your business because we’re in your business. As the premier advisor to leading professional, business and IT services firms around the world, Korn Ferry helps our clients close the gap between where they are and where they need to be to achieve sustainable growth. We help you unleash the potential of your most valuable asset, your people, to deliver sustainable growth for your business. We assess your current organization — including its structure, culture, team and individual performance — and benchmark against your strategy as well as best practice. Then we ensure you have the right people, in the right roles with the right rewards and support to succeed. And we won’t just tell you what we think you should do. We help you do it. Because strategy without execution is nothing more than wishful thinking.

What we do

Our professional services consultants can help you attract, develop and retain best-in-class talent for your organization to serve your clients and outperform your competitors.

Adjusting to constant disruptions in the market requires an agile pipeline of talent with the necessary skills and agility to serve your clients’ ever-changing demands. We work with you to assess and address the full spectrum of your talent-related needs.

Where we can help

Your clients come to you for results. Performance is what matters. Your customers aren’t interested in excuses. Often, the understanding and support your clients have for their own employees isn’t extended to their service providers. If your team isn’t able to deliver, your clients will find a firm that can. This is what makes being in the services business so challenging – running a firm that both takes care of its people and its clients, and doing so efficiently and profitably. We partner with you to address your most important people related needs and have a track record of helping our clients address critical challenges like these.

Future-proofing your workforce

With services firms and their clients in a state of perpetual evolution, how can your organization set long-term plans, much less plan for tomorrow? This uncertainty is compounded by the fact that there’s no one-size-fits-all blueprint for organizational success, because while firms often compete for the same clients, no two businesses have the same methodologies and value proposition. More importantly, even if you are competing for the same people, your purpose and culture are unique.

That’s why organizations like yours turn to us. Our consultants will guide you through the transformation process. And we don’t just tell you what to do, we help you do it. First, we work with you to imagine a future vision for your organization, defining the capabilities you need in terms of talent and technology to get you there. We then set a road map for you to follow, built on a data-driven assessment that identifies your current state and the gaps you need to fill. Then we work with you to help you connect the skills you need with the work: that might mean changes like reskilling and upskilling talent, rethinking how work gets done or updating your rewards strategies. Finally, we help you transform, ensuring that you’ve built the capabilities, employee experience, culture and infrastructure to support new ways of working. And, recognizing that transformation isn’t a one-time process, we continually work with you to assess and adjust, offering new perspectives and solutions to meet what happens next.

Building a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization

Our reality is changing. Services firms and their clients are facing existential threats and are struggling to adapt to increased complexity and disruption. To survive, you need talent that matches the complexity of the world in which you and your clients operate. To thrive, you need to unlock the power and potential of all talent. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is the key.

Firms that pursue one-off “silver bullet” solutions, often based on what others are doing, will fail to drive a lasting impact. Further, copying the practices of industrial companies to address the challenges faced by services firms will not always work. To design and build a truly inclusive organization, firms need to develop DE&I strategies that are grounded in their own talent and business priorities, based on data and analytics and implemented by inclusive and accountable leaders. Business, professional and IT services firms also need to focus on both behavioral inclusion (inclusive mindsets, skillsets, and relationships) and structural inclusion (equitable and transparent structures, processes, and practices for talent acquisition, deployment and development) to ensure sustainability of their DE&I efforts.

Korn Ferry's is the largest global consulting practice specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion with 40+ years of experience in designing award-winning DE&I solutions worldwide. We have a proven track record of designing and implementing solutions aimed at retaining, developing, and advancing traditionally under-represented talent. Korn Ferry has the breadth and depth of expertise to help our clients envision, design, and build a truly inclusive organization. We have the science, scope and scale to meet our clients wherever they are on their DE&I journey.

Partnering with you through mergers and acquisitions

Nearly every services firm we know is charged with growing. Whether it is publicly traded or private, partnerships or employee owned; business, professional and IT services firms realize that they must grow in order to remain relevant to their clients and maintain their independence. Services is a “scale” business and those firms that don’t grow organically or through acquisitions or partnerships either go out of business, are acquired or are ultimately ignored by the market.

For these reasons, many services firms look at the opportunities that mergers and acquisitions may offer. But, while combining forces may lead to economies of scale and other efficiencies, they aren’t necessarily a cure for all of the issues your organization may be facing. And, because your most important assets are people – human beings with values, opinions and choices – finding the right merger partner and acting deliberately to ensure the success of firm beyond day one is essential.

Its well known that 70-90% of mergers and acquisitions fail and that the most common reasons for failures are people issues. Intentionally planning for human capital needs generates value that exceeds initial financial investments. Early, decisive moves to address human capital impacts of M&A set a foundation for successful outcomes and, in fact, organizations that establish a new management team as early as the due diligence stage are twice as likely to reach full integration within a year.

Korn Ferry can help you across all steps of your M&A journey from pre-close (screening, strategy, due diligence) through post close (transition, go-live, implementation and operation of the post-deal entity.)

Accelerating your revenue growth

Professional services firms are reimagining their go-to-market strategies, the buyers’ experience, and their sales organizations. As a result, expectations of sellers are increasing.

For many firms, this includes:

  • Transforming from order takers into proactive trusted advisors
  • Focusing more on client outcomes and compelling value propositions
  • Delivering longer-term transformational engagements while leveraging a wider range of services and digital solutions
  • Deepening and expanding client relationships

We use diagnostics and benchmarking to identify opportunities to improve sales performance and set priorities for sales transformation. Then, we design an inclusive sales organization that is aligned with the buyer and includes dynamic job profiles that predict success in each role. Next, we align incentive compensation and rewards and recognition processes to drive the right behaviors. Finally, we provide tools and services to enable you to better hire, redeploy or develop your sales teams.

Let us be part of your success story. Contact us and start implementing strategies that will accelerate growth.

Let us be part of your success story

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