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Corporate & Investment Banking/Global Markets (CIB) platforms face a highly competitive and dynamic marketplace. Technology disruptions, heightened regulatory environments, and unparalleled market demand for scarce talent create an urgency for firms to hire and retain executives with the relationships, expertise, agility and experience to overcome complex challenges. 

In these tumultuous times, identifying, recruiting and developing top-tier talent in the Corporate & Investment Banking/Global Markets arena is critical to a firm’s ability to survive and thrive. Korn Ferry's dedicated CIB consultants bring deep market understanding of Investment Banking, Corporate Banking and Global Markets to help organizations identify, source, engage and retain the talent equipped to thrive in rapidly changing environments.

Where we can help

Your results are what matters. We partner with you continually to evolve and optimize to reflect changing financial markets. We have helped our CIB clients address challenges like these.

Building a leadership pipeline

The CIB sector has unique leadership needs. Highly skilled and experienced leaders and professionals are essential to compete and deliver on your business strategy. However, there’s a growing concern that the talent pool is shrinking, and a shortage can have wide-ranging implications for the next generation of leaders.

Identifying top-tier players in global financial centers is only possible with in-depth, local market knowledge and relationships. That’s why investment banks turn to us for their executive leadership needs.

We use our market-leading assessment solutions to determine which candidates are the ideal skillset and mindset, tailored to the investment banking industry to create a pipeline of leadership talent ready to hit the ground running. Our leadership recruitment and development strategies help organizations find qualified current leaders and those in the pipeline, unlock their potential, and engage them for growth, so they’re better prepared to lead their organizations into the future.

Addressing an increasing need for diversity and inclusion

Unleashing the potential of diverse talent requires new thinking and approaches at every level of the talent journey. Many firms are just realizing how urgent the need is to expand the ranks of diverse talent at all levels, especially because talent from different backgrounds is in extremely limited supply in the investment banking sector.  

Our dedicated CIB consultants have deep expertise and access in all of the world’s financial centers. We use our global resources to help investment banks source, recruit, engage, and develop hard-to-reach talent. We have an unmatched track record recruiting strategic, impactful investment banking and capital markets talent. 

Establishing a compelling rewards and benefits program

Investment banks that create a positive, supportive employee experience are more likely to attract, engage, and retain talent and drive higher performance. A key part of that experience is an enticing rewards and benefits program—and it’s becoming increasingly complex to construct a compensation program that appropriately rewards deserving professionals.

We help investment banks build an effective compensation program that creates an engaging employee value proposition. We’ll suggest the right strategy for your global market and address trends with a flexible, competitive compensation strategy that reinforces your business goals and aligns with your culture.

Helping you find tomorrow's leaders

With all of the talent management challenges corporate and investment banking/global markets platforms are facing, organizations know what they have and what they should be looking for across all levels of the organization.

Our CIB consulting on assessment and succession provides a clear picture of your people’s leadership potential, and where you can close any gaps. Ensure you have the best talent and the right people leading your organization to keep pace with the fast moving business world.

Your business strategy is only as sound as the people leading it, so that’s information you can’t afford to be without. And we can give it to you.

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Let us be part of your success story

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