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Today’s energy sector leaders must be prepared to navigate a series of complex challenges. Geopolitics, changing consumer behavior, environmental policy, and investor expectations — to name a few — are causing an unprecedented upheaval across energy markets, resulting in a global re-shaping of energy supply and demand. Market consolidations are continuing across all sectors of the energy industry. Digitalization, including automation, cybersecurity, and data analytics, is reshaping the job landscape. Meanwhile, demographic shifts, such as an aging workforce in “traditional” roles, and explosive growth in “new energy” jobs are creating the need for completely new talent strategies.

To ensure long-term stability, energy organizations must be prepared to lead through these changes. Organizations must ensure they have a management team equipped to manage disruption and a leadership pipeline that reflects the behaviors, experiences, traits, and drivers they’ll need in the future.

Our energy and natural resources consultants have worked with the world’s leading oil and gas, mining, and power and utilities companies. Our energy sector leaders, based in North America, EMEA, APAC and Latin America, have helped energy businesses identify their next generation of leaders, drive employee engagement, and prepare for digital transitions. We deliver fast, high-quality, targeted talent solutions covering every need, from organizational design to rewards and benefits, leadership development, assessment and succession and talent acquisition.

Where we can help

Your performance and results are what matters. We partner with you to continually evolve and optimize to reflect the changing needs of your business. We have helped our energy sector clients address challenges like these:

Building a talent pipeline

Approximately half of the current energy industry’s workforce will retire within the next decade. As the current workforce heads into retirement, the energy industry must recruit and retain fresh talent. With nearly 1.9 million job opportunities projected in the oil, natural gas and petrochemical industries through 2035, there’s a vast opportunity for the industry to develop lifelong careers for a younger workforce.

We help energy organizations build their next generation of leaders. We work with our clients on preparing for this talent shift by mobilizing and developing the talent that exists and anticipating and acquiring the talent that is needed. We also explain how clients can attract young professionals by offering learning and development and opportunities for career progression. We use our tools and assessments to help our clients determine what their future leaders will look like and how they differ from their current leadership, so they can formulate a strategy for recruiting and developing tomorrow’s talent.

Improving diversity and inclusion efforts

There’s a huge talent gap in many sectors of the energy industry when it comes to the recruitment of women and minorities. And a strong commitment to creating a diverse, inclusive workplace is a significant factor in attracting and retaining top talent.

Our energy consultants help organizations create diversity and inclusion strategies that appeal to younger candidates and close the gap on talent and skills shortages. Given our global reach, we help energy companies source, recruit, engage and develop diverse talent, even in the scarcest of markets. We also work with our clients to assess their opportunities to do better and build fair and equitable talent management structures and processes. We also help them create high-impact career advancement programs for underrepresented talent.

Achieving digital transformation initiatives

A significant tech skills gap is stalling progress toward digitalization in the energy industry. And millennials are reluctant to join the energy sector because they believe it lacks innovation. As a result, it’s difficult for energy sector employers to attract STEM students, as they may be drawn to other fields perceived as more tech-driven.

We help organizations chart a course toward successful digital transformation by showing them how to recruit, develop, and retain the right talent. We offer assessments and success profiles that help businesses in the energy sector define their talent strategy, then guide their development, succession and promotion decisions.

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