The global pandemic has dramatically changed many aspects of our personal and professional lives, including learning and development. While the transformation from traditional face-to-face training to virtual alternatives has been ongoing for decades, it has gone into overdrive in just the past month thanks to COVID-19.

As the entire workforce struggles to reskill, whether they sit in the same office or see each other on a computer screen, the challenge ahead of us is to deliver impactful, easy to deploy development opportunities that enable people to learn new skills to succeed in the new normal. Korn Ferry offers best-in-class e-Learning and Virtual Classroom Experiences that ensure that talent development can continue entirely online, regardless of geographic location and time.

The best virtual classroom experiences keep learners engaged in three ways:

  • verbal
  • kinesthetic
  • visual

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In times of business disruption, learning and development is needed more than ever. We'll share best practices for converting to virtual learning experiences.

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Every day, COVID-19 is raising new and complex questions for leaders and organizations to answer. Korn Ferry’s Albertina Vaughn shares her perspective and advice.

How we can help you

The virtual classroom experience brings together a comprehensive web-conferencing platform with insightful instructional design, to deliver an engaging and interactive experience for participants, growing their skills and moving them toward behavior change. They can be used in two ways:

  • Just-in-time experiences that tackle specific challenges.
  • e-Learning journeys driving behavior change over time and reinforcing application on the job.

We deliver engaging virtual experiences that drive behavior change.

We have a portfolio of over 30 virtual learning experiences for individual contributors and leaders. We’ve focused on a few here that are particularly relevant for the current situation.

  • Leading virtually in disruptive times: Offers tips, tools and best practices for those leading virtual teams.
  • The self-disruptive leader: Gives participants an understanding of how they can work optimally in these volatile, ambiguous times.
  • Leadership principles: leading others: Helps leaders maintain employee engagement.
  • Managing inclusion and conscious inclusion: Enables individual contributors and managers to unleash the potential of others by developing inclusive behaviors.
  • Leading change and activating personal agility: Gives participants the skills to operate with agility and drive organizational objectives in changing environments or circumstances.
  • Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP): Specifically designed to prepare leaders with an adaptive mindset; to enhance their ability to pivot and thrive amid unexpected change.

We have a portfolio of over 30 learning experiences.

Now is the ideal time for employees to use their downtime to continue their ongoing personal development virtually. We have a portfolio of self-paced e-learning and virtual classroom experiences to choose from. This includes:

  • Leadership development programs
  • Diversity and inclusion development programs
  • Individual contributor capability such as effective communicating and inspiring innovation
  • Project and program management
  • Lean and agile practices
  • Business analysis contract management.

We offer virtual learning for all levels of leaders and individual contributors.

Our programs are ready to implement immediately and can be easily scaled globally and across many participants. We can also tailor the programs to your own context and priorities, or build bespoke virtual learning experiences drawing on content and expertise from across Korn Ferry’s ecosystem.

We can deliver at scale now or customize programs to your needs.

This crisis will no doubt expose critical capability gaps in the workforce, and as they emerge from the crisis it’s likely that many companies will be looking for ways to help their people become more agile and adopt a growth mindset. We can work with you to transform your workforce on a mass scale with customized Virtual Learning Academies. We build success profiles for specific roles or levels, run assessments and feedback, and deliver virtual learning through our state-of-the-art training platform.

We can build Virtual Learning Academies to upskill your whole workforce.

Deep insights at your fingertips – at all times

In our hands it’s more than just data. We use it to build the DNA of outstanding leaders, effective organizations, high performance cultures and game-changing reward programs. In your hands it can continue to inform smarter decisions backed by more than 4 billion data points, including:
– Over 69 million assessment results
– 8 million employee engagement survey responses
– Rewards data for 20 million employees across 25,000 organizations and 150+ countries

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