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Conventional wisdom holds that “no one buys a million-dollar solution over the phone.” So what happens when in-person meetings are no longer possible? There are immediate options that commercial firms can take to proactively drive a move to virtual selling that won’t result in customer friction. Sales organizations that emphasize the most effective virtual selling activities to bring customers valuable insights will safeguard their sales revenue and create the customer intimacy that will carry them through this crisis—and beyond.

37% of sales leaders have given their sellers efficiency tools to maximize their newly freed time.

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As sales organizations adopt social distancing, companies find their grounded sellers functioning more like inside sales teams. Here's how to keep sellers focused on performance over presence.

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Every day, COVID-19 is raising new and complex questions for leaders and organizations to answer. Korn Ferry’s Byron Matthews shares his perspective and advice.

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Before this crisis struck, buyers and sellers faced a fundamental disconnect over the value the latter provided. How sales organizations act now will either greatly reduce or expand that gap. Those organizations that invest in showing customers the insights and value to help navigate this volatile period will emerge as trusted partners. Those that don’t will be seen at best as interchangeable service providers—if they’re seen at all. Using scalable strategies built off decades of research, we develop the entire sales organization in managing and deepening customer relationships by helping buyers and prospects reframe their thinking to solve complex business challenges—such as those they face today.

Our methodologies teach sellers how to effectively bring perspective, insights, and education to clients as they reshape their businesses in response to COVID-19, giving them a clear framework to rethink priorities and reprioritize calls, opportunities, and accounts. Our digital sales training options—available online and self-paced or through virtual instructor-led training—give your teams the flexibility they need to guide their customers through this crisis and beyond.

Our methodologies teach sellers how to effectively bring perspective, insights, and education to clients as they reshape their businesses in response to COVID-19.

Given the challenging business climate, how you communicate with customers matters more than ever. We show your sellers and sales managers how to replicate the engagement they bring to in-person meetings in all types of virtual environments, advising you on how to best use your sales process to sensitively execute customer conversations. By developing seller skills to offer crisp, compelling sales interactions that buyers find valuable, we move from methodology to execution, training sellers at all levels how to ask the right questions, digging deep to help overwhelmed buyers uncover hidden needs and move with a sense of urgency.

We offer a suite of self-paced courses and virtual learning delivery options that are ready to go. Our programs and advisors can coach sellers through behavioral change, helping them understand how to mindfully assess buyer needs in a volatile environment and providing much-needed perspective that deepens relationships. By taking this scalable approach, we ensure that every conversation your sellers conduct, online or over the phone, keeps prospects and buyers engaged as they navigate the new normal together.

We show your sellers how to replicate the engagement they bring to in-person meetings in all types of virtual environments.

As many companies have learned the hard way in the wake of the coronavirus, it only takes one bad experience to destroy a hard-earned reputation—a risk that no organization can afford to take.

By using the insights, best practices, and models we’ve developed over five decades, we equip your customer-facing teams with the skills they need to sensitively guide them through crisis scenarios and difficult conversations. Our programs and advisors also guide frontline reps on how to support clients emotionally, going beyond finding silver linings in challenging scenarios to offering empathy and connection that wow customers across multiple platforms, resulting in positive, defining moments. We show them how to use active listening and connection strategies to exceed customer expectations and build loyalty. This approach sets you up to deepen customer relationships throughout these challenging times and positions you to grow them when the rebound happens.

Our approach sets you up to deepen customer relationships, positioning you to grow them when the rebound happens.

New economic realities require sales organizations to candidly re-examine their existing pipeline and evolve their approaches; sales managers need to understand the most effective behaviors and coach sellers on how to emulate them. This may seem overwhelming, but our cutting-edge sales technology platform—which takes an organization’s own sales data and converts it into actionable insights—can quickly point sales leaders in the right direction and assist managers in identifying in real-time the behaviors that drive success in their current environment, allowing for rapid replication across the enterprise. Layering onto your CRM, with built-in connectors to both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for ease of integration, you can quickly gather the necessary insights to understand pipeline challenges and coaching priorities for sales leaders and sales managers. These insights then provide frontline sellers specific recommendations on how to reprioritize opportunities in their funnel, understanding the methodology-backed actions that will improve their likelihood of success.

Our cutting-edge sales technology platform takes an organization’s own sales data and converts it into actionable insights.

Deep insights at your fingertips – at all times

In our hands it’s more than just data. We use it to build the DNA of outstanding leaders, effective organizations, high performance cultures and game-changing reward programs. In your hands it can continue to inform smarter decisions backed by more than 4 billion data points, including:
– Over 69 million assessment results
– 8 million employee engagement survey responses
– Rewards data for 20 million employees across 25,000 organizations and 150+ countries

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