Sales Compensation

Develop a sales compensation framework to align with your business strategy

Sales compensation is a moving target — make sure you’re always on the mark

The right compensation and incentives motivate teams and attract the right type of talent. But too many companies offer sales compensation programs that are hard to understand or aren’t in sync with their strategic objectives on role design or sales function architecture.

You need to know how your sales compensation plans stack up against competitors—and be ready to change them when they’re not serving your purpose anymore. Your incentives should be cost-effective and link directly to your business goals without wasting budget. And your teams should understand exactly what they have to do, and why, to optimize their compensation.

Our consultants design comprehensive sales compensation models that meet the needs of your entire sales force. From expert assessment and benchmarking of existing strategies to creating and implementing game-changing sales compensation and incentive programs, we help leaders attract and retain key talent and build dynamic sales teams that deliver on your objectives and fill the talent pipeline.

How we help you

We help you match your incentives to your business strategy, motivate your teams to beat their targets, and attract top talent.

We assess your sales incentives plan to keep it competitive

We work closely with you to assess your sales compensation programs, ensuring that they are clearly communicated, fully aligned to organizational strategies, consistent with corporate culture - and designed to attract, retain and reward valuable employees.

We test for simplicity, differentiation, accountability and attainability, ensuring your sales compensation strategy attracts top sales professionals, recognizes the significant role they play in the company’s business, aligns pay opportunity with the business objectives of the company - and creates an ongoing dynamic synergy between the sales employee and the organization. In short, we’ll tell you how you can get your incentives working harder.

We design sales compensation plans. We draw on deep sales strategy and reward expertise and experience to design compensation plans that are shaped around your business strategy and sales goals. We look at six critical areas:

  • Job roles – We clearly define relevant job roles, incentive eligibility and critical success factors by role
  • Target pay levels – We set appropriate pay levels and bands through strategy and benchmarking
  • Mix and upside – We advise on the appropriate balance between fixed and variable pay.
  • Measures and weights – We identify the performance measures, and how much weight is placed on each
  • Mechanics and links – We properly establish the mechanics and links, ensuring that teams are clear on what they need to do to optimize their compensation
  • Quota setting and attainment - We use market potential, targets by job and performance-based factors to set quotas or targets

We benchmark your plan against competitors

When it comes to benchmarking our data is deep. We have unparalleled, comprehensive data on sales compensation and organizations – collected around the world and distributed across a wide range of industries and sectors including 10,000 compensation plans, 270,000 records on incentive payouts and sales headcount from over 16,000 organizations worldwide. We combine these insights with our consulting expertise to ensure you compensation plan is effective and competitive. So, you see the difference in your bottom line, hold on to high-performing sellers and raise your team’s engagement.

We get your plan running smoothly

It is hard to overestimate the value of a comprehensive communications strategy when it comes to successfully implementing a new sales compensation plan. Sales forces are typically resistant to change, meaning that every new plan needs to be “sold” to the field.

We offer comprehensive, end-to-end solutions aimed at smoothly implementing and clearly communicating changes in sales force compensation strategies. We work with leadership to define the objective, evaluate current level of understanding and develop and implement a smart communications plan that ensures your sales team are crystal clear on how your rewards work. The result is maximum buy-in and minimal disruption, leading to smooth transitions with bottom line benefit - and a positive impact on corporate culture.

Let us be part of your success story

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