Success Profiles

Understand your Potential Gap by benchmarking your organization, leaders and individuals against best in class profiles

What work needs to be done? And who’s the person to do it?

We’ve taken everything we know about teams, organizations and people and created Success Profiles. 

No more guessing what ‘good’ looks like. Success Profiles are dynamic benchmarks. By showing what traits your team needs to have to get your organization to its goals, you’ll be able to:

  • Spot where the gaps are now
  • Build a blueprint to change your org structure, if needed
  • Understand which roles and skills you need to hire
  • Deliver on your strategy with the right people in place 

We create a blueprint for your best possible team, built on big data analytics. Because our analytics brings together trends in your organization, industry and job market, you’ll have all the most up-to-date information, right at your fingertips.

How we help you

Different roles call for different criteria. We have different types of success profiles for different positions – including your leaders and particular job roles. Because the faster you can spot what to do (and who to find) to turn tomorrow’s strategy into today’s reality, the faster you can get there.

Organization Success Profiles: Benchmark your entire team in seven categories

  • Are their ideas innovative?
  • Do they think in a customer-centric way?
  • Do they work inclusively?
  • Have they got an eye for cost-efficient plans?
  • Do they take a connected approach?
  • Are they service-driven?
  • Do they think sustainably?


By comparing your team and structure to your competitors and the best in the market, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where to act first: from designing a whole new workforce to training your teams in certain skills.

Leadership Success Profiles: Take a deeper look at your leaders

Business strategy is never one-size-fits-all, and neither are leaders. Our Leadership Success Profiles evaluate three areas to see how likely it is you’ll succeed in your goals as a business. Our Leadership Success Profiles ask:

  • Are your leaders inclusive?
  • Do they think digitally first?
  • Are they self-disruptive?


Each of these profiles provides you with the skillsets and mindsets that are required for each leadership profile. So you can compare your leaders to the best in the business and see what gaps you need to fill in your team through training.

Role Success Profiles: Zoom in on individual roles

With the backing of decades of job analysis and research, our Role Success Profiles explain the work that needs to be done in any role, the skillset someone needs to do it, the mindset that would make someone a top candidate, and what you can expect to pay, based on market rates.

Armed with all of this information for every role in your organization, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how competitive your roles are (including in terms of salary and career path)
  • Create consistent frameworks for designing jobs, managing performance, rolling out benefits and paying your team
  • Create job descriptions in hours, not days
  • Consistently evaluate your people against the data
  • Take your people smoothly from hiring to assessing, developing their potential for career planning

Let us be part of your success story

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