Accelerate Project Management

To transform your customer experience and make every touch point a defining moment, you need talent with the right skills.

Project management skills have become critical to execute on strategic priorities, not just for a specialist IT role. Only 33% of organizations currently deliver projects that meet objectives. In an increasingly complex environment, organizations need to address both the technical and soft skills to drive successful project performance. The project execution gap covers all aspect of the nature of work – relating to strategy and business, prioritizing work, managing teams and leading projects.

How are you setting up your project management teams for success and improving alignment between projects, processes, and the organization?

We tie everything into one solution to drive sustainable change

Our Integrated Solutions

Our solution

Upgrading the capability of project managers, leaders, and team members takes more than traditional project management training. Our holistic approach ensures that methodology and process changes can be executed over the long term, taking you from defining what success looks like (Success Profiles) through to assessment, coaching, training, and reinforcement for your team.

Our solution is a scalable approach for a seamless employee development experience that leads to sustainable change. Designed for project and program managers, business analysts, and anyone who works with projects, it results in your organization diagnosing and closing skills gaps to transform talent and drive both project and strategic success.

Discover Our Integrated Solution

How our integrated solutions work

Development journeys focused on the unique skills and tools needed for project-based roles within your organization, delivered at scale.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Efficiently and scalably improve project management skills, capability cross the breadth and depth of the organization. Our solution covers the gamut of project management including a significant component on requirements elicitation and management throughout the life cycle, as well as a full suite of lean/agile solutions.
  • Use our personalized learning platform to drive employee engagement. Help employees move their careers forward with a project management certification offered through Duke Corporate Education.
  • Stop over‑relying on top performers plus quickly identify and act on under‑performers.
  • Enhance the ROI on talent development activities through more personalized learning journeys and ongoing reinforcement.
  • Encourage a culture of learning and continuous improvement by enabling managers to be effective coaches through employee learning journeys.
  • Drive employee engagement through a personalized learning platform and help employees move their careers forward with project management certificate paths offered through Duke Corporate Education.
  • Increased ROI on talent development activities with personalized development journeys for your project managers and leaders that go above traditional project management training.


See more benefits

See more benefits